Who will know my identity?

If you follow our submission instructions, your identity will only be viewable by the site owners and administrator.
Only your song title, lyric, and mp3 will be made available to the song analyst, per our policies.

Who will be reviewing my song?

The Analyze My Song community is comprised of a team of experts. Although the identity of your reviewer will
not be disclosed, your song will be reviewed by a professional that you may likely have heard of in some fashion.

Who else will hear my song?

No one will hear your song beyond your reviewer without your express permission. This will only be to champion
the song if it reaches a professional level of artistry and commercial viability.

Might my song be exploited through this process?

Yes! but not without your consent. If your song is amazing, the site owners will contact you and let you know we
think so. If you want to engage further, great. If you want to be left alone, great. See our our values and policies tab.

When do I get my review?

Your review period will start after your payment clears and will be delivered to you within 10 business days.

Will you share my song with others?

We take your privacy and personal respect very seriously. We will not exploit you in a non-professional manner
and will only do so with your consent for the purpose of championing you. See our policies tab.

How much does this cost?

To receive a full and thorough written song analysis, the cost is $45 per song or $375 for 10 songs. To receive
a thorough listen and extremely brief feedback of the readiness of the song, for purposes of public performance
and/or recording, resubmission after rewriting, etc., the cost is $19 per song or $159 for batch of 10.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes. Based on availability we can provide a full catalog assessment at a day rate. Please request information
and pricing at info@analyzemysong.com.

How much money should I spend to make my song demo?

Not much. We’re writers too. A simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal recorded on your phone is fine. Do make sure that
the instruments you use are tuned, the mic is not distorting, and that the singer is able to clearly communicate the
melody line. We don’t want to guess which note you meant. We don’t need an expensive or produced recording,
but a clean one does help.

What should my lyric sheet look like?


May I submit a lead sheet or sheet music vs. a recording?

Yes. Make sure it is accurately notated and easy to read. Plan for 15 days before your analysis is received.

How long should my song be?

Radio and most professionals would tell you 3½ to 4 minutes. Your submission can be no longer than 7 minutes.

Why do I have to create a link in order to send you my song?

If you post your song to a publicly viewable site in order to create a link to send us, you may have just shown
work that is unfinished to the entire world. If you already have the song on a publicly viewable site and you just
want to copy the link to us, we can't guarantee your privacy. With all public posting you may be sharing more
than you mean to with more people than you mean to. Our upload instructions encourage you to post material
so that it is stored online but only as accessible to others as you allow. Our process is meant to help
protect your privacy and your material until it is truly ready for exposure.

What genres will you review?

All. When you submit your song, you will have the opportunity to specify genre. We have a wide variety of
seasoned experts.